Busch- Jäger 6523 U-102 dimmer insert

Busch- Jäger 6523 U-102 dimmer insert

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Product information

  • Thanks to the dimmer insert 6523 U-102 from Busch-Jaeger you can control the light intensity in your home. Due to the pressure sequence switch, the soft detent and the phase cut you can dim Philips LED illuminants optimally. Further

Product labels

  • Brand: Busch-Jaeger
  • Manufacturer number: 6523U102, 651200334
  • EAN: 4011395212677


  • width 9.2cm
  • length 7.8cm
  • height 5.8cm

Additional product features

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    Bush Jaeger dimmer
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  • Delivery in original carton with sealant